Activate your witch & wizard powers in 13 days – Part 1

October is here. And who says October says Halloween. And who says Halloween says witches and wizards. You know you have magical powers, but you don’t remember where you put them. Why are they staying hidden? You know you’re made of pure magic, but you feel that you have to hide them from the others or otherwise they’ll judge you? What if I told you there’s a place where you will feel at home, understood, loved for who you are and not judged but encouraged for your powers?

Do you want to learn or remember how to use your powers for good? Participate in this 13 days program and by the end of the first part you will:

  1. Connect to the energy of the eclipse
  2. Connect to the energy of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon
  3. Connect to your inner self
  4. How to become a good witch and distinguish a good witch from a bad one
  5. Reinvent your witch self and claim your energy
  6. Create your witch cave
  7. Create your magic book of spells
  8. Connect to your coven of witches
  9. Halloween special – Talking to spirits
  10. Bonus : Make a wish come true

​​​​​​The program will last 13 days and will have two parts, but you’ll have a lifetime access. We will demystify the number 13 and all the other numbers as well. Each day you will learn a new lesson. 🙂

This unique program is only temporary written for you for the month of Halloween. The program has the temporarily unique price of $33 for each part until Halloween.

Looking forward to meeting you my powerful witches and wizards.

Aurora Shele DeAngelis has been a witch since before the was born as Aurora and has fully claimed her energy once she discovered hypnotherapy and other healing methods. Now she uses Hypnotherapy, ThetaHealing, Tarot Cards etc. to empower her clients and make them the master of their own destiny. She believes that nothing is set in stone, everything is changeable once we’re conscious and there’s nothing to be feared, only understood.

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Team MDS I
Posted 6 months ago
Looking forward to activate the powerful witch/wizard in you

I am the creator of this course and I'm looking forward to meeting you all

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!