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How many time have you said that you will start losing weight tomorrow? Or on Monday? Or after the holidays? I bet it’s many more times than you can count. I, myself, have said that many times and after I did, I tried but did not commit to it and as a result it kept getting harder and harder every time.

It reached a point where I wasn’t really liking myself anymore, or looking at my pictures. I was always one holiday away from reaching that goal, or starting. I was exercising but not really changing my food plan. I did reach my goal once upon a time, through fasting and exercising, but then something traumatic happened in my life and I started isolating myself and eating again and more than before.

Once I decided to lose the weight, it wasn’t only my physical side I needed to take care of, but also my emotional side. A lot of things came up that needed to be dealt with, that’s why I decided to share this class with you.

That was me at one of my most overweight picture, taking a picture because my aunt was making me do it. This is my ecstatic smile as you all can see. 🙂

After I moved to Hawaii and had time on my hands, I decided to make my weight loss a priority. That meant commitment and consistency. Also dealing with my repressed emotions during all this time. With the appropriate help, I ended up losing my 40 lbs (almost 20kg) that I needed and finding a healthier balance with my eating habits. Most importantly I loved looking myself in the mirror, I felt lighter and healthier than ever before, loved exercising and loved taking pictures. I also loved receiving your messages about how I inspired you doing the same thing.

Why FREE? Because I think that the information should be available to everyone. Use this class for as long as you need and if you need more encouragement and a step by step follow up using Hypnotherapy, ThetaHealing and someone to talk to and encourage you in your journey, feel free to contact me. We’ll be happy to help.

Remember to also participate in the support group that we have created for you, so that you can find all the support you need.

My pleasure to help you in this journey and looking forward to meeting you all!

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