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Posted 7 months ago

I'm so excited to be teaching this course!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

Become a past life regression hypnotherapist with Past life Regression Training. Marcella has been helping people access the spirit realm and past lives for decades and teaching for even longer.

Her classes are FUN, empowering, and educationally sound. You will come away from the class confident you have all the skills you need to handle clients in the past life regression experience.

Marcella McMahon Past Life Regression Training

Register Now for Fall 2022

Location: Online Training (live and recorded)
Required Attendance: November 10 & 11 (10am-6pm EST)
Required Practice Sessions: give 5 (2 during practicums), receive 3
Prerequisites: None (Recommended Hypnotherapy Foundations)
Program Hours: 55 (Live, Recorded Online, Practicum, Reading)
Investment: Course cost plus books

You will learn in Past Life Regression Training:

  • Client intake and pre-hypnosis Discussion
  • Observation Queues
  • Past Life Regression Techniques
  • Age Regression
  • Regression to Womb
  • Use of Guides and other Spirit Helpers
  • Death Experience Ease Transition
  • Releasing Past Life Traumas
  • Post Session Method
  • Integration Techniques
  • Confidence Building for You, the Hypnotherapist
  • Case Study Writing

Past Life Regression Training Practitioner Skills

This class is designed for you to learn and practice past life regression hypnotherapy and feel confident in handling clients through their past life experiences.

You will not only give regressions with teacher supervision during practicums, but you will also receive five sessions as the client. This requirement is so helpful in making quality practitioners because you will have actual experience in feeling what a client feels. Plus it is fun to explore past lives!

Past Life Regression Hypno Training

In PLR Training level I, you will even learn everything it takes to start charging for Past Live Regression sessions with certainty.

What Makes this Course Different?

What makes this Past Life Regression Training different is that Marcella has been in the field for decades and studied with the best of the best including Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton, Dolores Cannon, and Dick Sutphen.

Past Life Regression Training with Marcella
Marcella McMahon

“Marcella here! I’ve been to so many Past Life Regression trainings like Weiss, Cannon, Newton, Sutphen, and others. While each had  benefits, I heard over and over how other attendees didn’t feel comfortable working with clients for a Past Life Regression session after the training was complete. In my training, I make sure you feel comfortable practicing Past Life Regression and charging for it!

I’m going to teach you in a way that you will feel so comfortable and confident in your skills you will be able to handle any client and begin making more money.”

You will build tools for your practice from customizing client forms to writing articles and creating videos that establish you as an expert past life regressionist.

You will receive a premium student listing on PLRTherapy. You will also get discounted rates on associations and insurance. Level I students are encouraged to start charging for session once they’ve passed certain criteria.

Certification Requirements:

  • Give and receive past life regression sessions
  • Submit case studies
  • Complete self assessments
  • Create a video of a full session for critique
  • Pass with a successful score: case studies, video session, and written tests

Additionally, we automatically build testimonials from your training regression sessions for your website.

This certification is an investment worth making.

Marcella McMahon Teaching

In Level II, you will gain more opportunity to practice your skills and learn additional techniques like faster inductions and how to get client’s deeper so they can access more guidance. With faster hypnosis inductions, you will need less time with clients and get more of their needs met. We expect Level II students to be charging at least $150 per Past Life Regression. Graduates customarily make $250 per session.

This course is a step on the path to become a Life Between Lives practitioner in the Dr. Michael Newton regression style.

Deposits are non-refundable if you cancel less than 90 days before a course or workshop. If we cancel, your money will be refunded. Instructors staff may be substituted or changed on rare occasion.

About Instructor

Marcella McMahon

Marcella McMahon has been teaching metaphysical subjects since 1987 on subjects such as Dreams, Astral Travel, and Past Lives. Her love for teaching has been since she was very young. In the corporate arena she became an instructional designer helping companies launch valuable training. She became a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 1996 and eventually became a Master Trainer of Hypnotherapy.

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