Release Emotional Weight 8-week Class

In this online weight loss class, I will help you release the emotional weight. Hi, my name is Aurora and I am teachering this 8-week weight loss course.

This class is for YOU if you want to release weight, but don’t know where to start or don’t want to go through another dieting or exercise program. By the end of the 8-weeks, you will understand where you weight comes from, the most appropriate weight for you, your own goals and objectives, and how to reach them and how to shed emotional weight in pounds.

Participants will use a unique method to test for what beliefs are being stored in the body and hold the weight. Beliefs we will explore include food, exercise and also shame, love, sex, emotional eating and many more.

Weight Loss Class Goals

This weight loss class is designed to help you understand and love yourself and your body more, take care of it and make it a priority. Sometimes things feel like they’re out of our control, I am sure you have dieted and stopped eating many times throughout your lifetime, feeling that you failed each time that you gained the weight back or not reached your objective.

weight loss class with intuitive aurora

My goal would be to help you through a series of meditations, hypnosis, ThetaHealing, journaling and other methods reach and maintain your ideal goal and create healthy habits.

My Weight Loss Story

Before teaching it to others, I worked on myself.

In March 2020, I was the most overweight I’d ever been. I felt very uncomfortable and had digestion issues.

I’ve never really compared myself to others, but I would often compare myself with my previous self.

Five years before that, in 2015, I was the thinnest I had been in recent years. I would judge myself based on that and even miss my former self.

So what happened in those 5 years?

  • Many things happened in 5 years that helped me create the weight loss class:
    • I was unhappy in my work
    • Felt purposeless
    • Stopped exercising and mostly ate out at restaurants
    • I was trying to lose weight for other people (external validation)
    • Everyone in my life seemed to disappear overnight and I felt very alone
    • I isolated myself and wanted to disappear (I ended up getting an apartment that was very hard to access, 3 gates, 8th floor and what’s best – no elevator. Everyone expected me to lose weight because of that. Well guess what? It didn’t work!)

I didn’t lose weight overnight, but it felt like I did. In a span of 3 years, I never stepped on a scale. I felt my dresses getting tigher and tigher, but I just ignored it.

  • Strike one was when I finally saw a scale in a friend’s house. I jumped on it and saw that I was 13 kg more than the last time I weighed myself. I left thinking, I’ll eat better from now on, but I didn’t follow through.
  • The final blow came 2 years later. I was in this sauna and I looked outside and I saw a fat girl sitting down. I was thinking “hmm that girl could lose some weight.” I stepped out of the sauna and I saw that the girl in front of me…was me. Horrified, I realized I had been looking at a mirror!
the old me weight more than ever

Seeing myself more than 20kg overweight shook me, so I decided to lose weight.

In a 2 year span, I paid more than $2,000 in weight loss programs, but I actually ended up gaining weight.

Subconsciously, I think I wanted other people to do the work for me because I was paying them.

The problem was that I didn’t have the right mindset. So instead of weight loss classes or programs, I started by working on my traumas and limiting beliefs related to food and eating.

How did ThetaHealing Help Me?

In 2019, I took my first class in ThetaHealing, which is basically a method for discovering limiting beliefs, often through dialogue, then changing them for better ones. Since then, I’ve taken a dozen ThetaHealing classes and done hundreds of sessions that have improved my life considerably for myself and others.

Some of the beliefs I changed regarding weight loss were :

  • Food is bad and is used to punish or reward
  • It’s extremely hard to lose weight
  • If I’m pretty and visible I’m in danger so I better stay overweight
  • and many more!

How did My Relationship Help Me Loose Weight

relationships can help us loose weight

A crucial part of my weight loss journey was talking to my husband about my weight issues. He has always been very supportive and has always wanted what’s best for me.

Talking to him made me understand other beliefs and habits I had around weight. After our talk, I would do a ThetaHealing on myself to clear them up.

Since beliefs don’t want to be changed, without talking to him it would have been much harder to discover and change them on my own.

I’m now ready to help you transform through this online weight loss class.

Many people lose the weight, but do not change the mindset so they end up putting it back on (I was one of those people).

I learned many things on this journey and I would love to share it with you so that it can help you too in your journey in this weight loss class!

Are you ready to transform your mindset and your body?

You’ll be ready for it after truthfully answering these questions:

  • “Who are you doing this for?”
  • “How bad do you really want it?”
  • “Are you ready to sacrifice your old self for your new self?

If the answer is “YES, I’M READY”, then this program is for you.

What’s included in this online weight loss class?

  • An online support group
  • Hypnosis meditations for weight loss
  • Weekly live meetings to follow your advancement
  • ThetaHealing group sessions to change limiting beliefs
  • 30% off all individual ThetaHealing sessions (normal price $111)
  • At least 8 weeks commitment to set healthy habits
  • Possibility to extend your commitment on a weekly or monthly basis
  • A FREE mini class with the tools that helped me will be available for everyone upon subscription
  • You’ll also benefit reduction coupons for our other courses on
Aurora teaches releasing emotional beliefs for weight loss

Commit to yourself!

Your time is NOW!

Join the online Weight Loss Class today.

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