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what is hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a process of using hypnosis which is focused concentration with relaxation to help client remove blocks and obstacles. It is a natural state we go in and out of several times a day. How deep you go in hypnosis is up to you as all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. YOU not only decide how deep you go, but also whether or not you feel comfortable enough with the practitioner to let yourself let go.

Examples of our natural hypnotic state include:

  • Watching a movie and focusing so intensely that you are not distracted by external sensations.
  • When reaching for the salt, stopping yourself because you are so engrossed in a friend’s story.
  • Driving a car and daydreaming where you suddenly realize you’re close to your exit and don’t remember much of the drive.
  • Reading a good book and not hearing the kids playing in the next room.

Another word for these states of being is trance, and the trance state varies in depth.

Myths of Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis


For many people, Hypnosis is a word that has negative connotations, and yet it is a natural and totally safe opportunity to focus inward.  Many myths exist around hypnosis.

Myths or Untruths of Hypnosis: (For more information see MYTHS article)

  • Hypnosis is Mind Control
  • It is Possible to Get Stuck In Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis is Evil
  • I will Lose all Control
  • Some People Aren’t Hypnotizable
  • It is Truth Serum
  • I might Say or Do Something I don’t Want
  • Only Weak People are Hypnotizable

A hypnotherapist can stimulate the trance state, but only with the individual’s agreement. If you are not in agreement with moving into a hypnosis state, you will not get there. And you will only go as deep as you desire. No one can make you go there.

  •  Visualization
  •  Guided Imagery
  •  Deep Relaxation
  •  Guided Meditation

Therefore, as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I help clients intensely focus inwardly while deeply relaxing. I believe all you need to be the best you is within your own subconscious and super-conscious mind. The hypnotherapist can guide you in accessing your own power to heal from within and create a more fulfilling life.

Who is In Control in Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy?

Consent is the cornerstone of allowing yourself to go to this deep level of hypnosis and your trust in the hypnotherapist is extremely important. Without trust, your subconscious will block you from accessing important and often immediate transformational information.

Will I know What is Happening During a Session?

There is a great misconception to hypnotherapy or hypnosis and that is while in a state of trance, you are unaware of what is going on. This is absolutely not true. Just like when watching an enthralling movie and you block out the phone, or the kids next door you may not consciously be aware of the possible distractions but if the kids came in the room with a bloody lip, you would immediately stop what you are doing. It is the same with being hypnotized. If the hypnotist asks you to do something that is out of alignment with your wishes, you will immediately be aware and can choose to comply or not.

What is Hypnosis and The Subconscious Mind

subconscious mind in hypnosis with a hypnotherapist

The subconscious mind has a natural protective ability.  For example, another hypnotherapist tells a story of before he became a hypnotherapist, he was going to a hypnotist, and while in the deep trance state, she told him to update his look by shaving his beard and mustache and getting rid of his glasses. He was not in agreement with the directive and suddenly was fully alert and told her that that was a wrong thing to do. I could not agree more! It IS wrong and unethical to direct clients where it was never their intention to go. Luckily your subconscious protector, sometimes called “the overseer” is always at work.

Will I Remember?

Another misconception is that you won’t remember. Many times people will say “I wasn’t hypnotized, I remember everything you said.” Unfortunately, there is no signifying bell that goes off telling you, “now you are hypnotized.” Most of the session will usually be remembered.

After a session with my clients, we do a review where I go over my notes of what happened and my assessment. By going over what occurred, most people then recall any missing details.  Sometimes information comes in so fast that remembering anything, without a review with your Hypnotherapist can be a blur.

Hypnosis Helps with Many Issues, such as:

➥ Stress
➥ Depression
➥ Health and Well-being
➥ Anxiety
➥ Career Guidance
➥ Fears and Phobias
➥ Sleeplessness
➥ Grief and Bereavement
➥ Intuition
➥ Pain Management or Pain Removal
➥ Enhancing Relationships
➥ Bring Out or Remembering Hidden Talents
➥ Reconnecting with Happiness
➥ Weight Loss

Is It Safe?

Hypnosis is natural and completely safe. While some results may come in the first session, it may take several sessions depending upon how deep the pain or the ingrained pattern is and your ability to open yourself to the process of hypnotherapy.

As long as you are able to trust your Hypnotherapist and your desire is in agreement with your deepest self, you WILL see results.

There is great healing available from within yourself; we all have it.

access your highest self through a hypnotherapist

You can access it yourself through meditation a good hypnotherapist is simply a vehicle to open this access to your highest self.

The more you are able to practice meditation or trance on your own, the more you will be able to open up to the deeper parts of yourself and thus allowing the Hypnotherapist to take you to an even deeper place of self-healing.

Ultimately, the access lies within you and the healing comes from YOU.

Do You Want to Learn Hypnotherapy?

Check out our courses in MDS Institute to see all of the hypnotherapy classes. Marcella McMahon teaches most of the hypnosis training with most of the classes online. You can also check out our article titled Hypnosis in Layman’s Terms.

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