Past Life Regression, Belief is Unnecessary for Healing

Past Life Regression, Belief is Unnecessary for Healing

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For Past Life Regression, belief is unnecessary. You don’t have to believe in past lives to heal your current life.

From a counselor’s perspective, of course our past effects our current state of being. Those things in our lives that have traumatized us can create deep long lasting responses. Just as someone who has been abandoned by a loved one, this abandonment will rise up when a similar feeling occurs in the present moment.

For example, say as a young girl, Lisa’s father left her family or died. This may leave Lisa with a deep fear of abandonment. This fear and hurt if left unresolved will pop up in very negative ways for Lisa. Like if a friend calls to cancel a date, these old feelings may make Lisa overreact or become depressed. So to say the past effects us if left unresolved is accurate and profound.

Believe in Past Lives, or Not

No matter what your belief in past lives is you can still heal from Past Life Regression Therapy. Think of it this way: the subconscious mind, also known as your higher self, is always guiding you; whether you choose to listen or not is another issue. The subconscious can use imagination and metaphors to provide you with the answers you need to gather deeper understanding of yourself and your motives. So you can think of past life regression as just imagination. It doesn’t matter. By going with the imagination and just allowing thoughts and images to flow to you, amazing revelations can occur. These revelations can have lasting effect on your present and future state of being and how you operate.

While I personally have always believed in past lives, I use to think there was no use for those memories. Since working with clients and Past Life Regression, I realize the depth of healing that can occur from these memories. Just as, quite often the past experiences (this life or others) effect our current, deep healing occurs by acknowledging the past.

Creative Imagination in Past Life Regression

Past life memories can also be thought of as creative imagination, your subconscious ability to bring up issues and create metaphors for growth and healing. Just like dreams can be metaphor, or other types, allowing your subconscious to speak to you give opportunity for growth.

Road to past lives regression belief is unnecessary

Your subconscious is your true self, your highest self, your Soul Self. You can tap into your subconscious on your own by meditating, praying, listening inwardly, and hypnosis (the deep state of relaxation and focused concentration). Practice helps. With Past Life Regression belief, is unnecessary and you can access healing much more quickly with practice.

I respect all points of view. For my clients, it doesn’t matter if they believe it to be real, what does matter, is that healing and change occurs in this life and moving ahead. This takes being open to the experience, even if it is viewed as just imagination.

Belief in Past Lives really doesn’t matter. Don’t get caught up on words and semantics, just evaluate from the standpoint of: “Am I behaving and feeling different, better, than I was before the session?”

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