Intuitively Reading The Future

Intuitively Reading The Future, Timelines and Probability

Intuitively Reading the Future with a psychic or tarot

Have you ever wondered how intuitively reading the future works?

The future is uncertain. The only thing that is certain is that we don’t know with absolute certainty what the future holds. Even though we know this subconsciously, our minds will do whatever it can to bring us that safety we all crave. The safety to know we are heading in the right direction and the safety that our future will work out for us.

There are ways to psychically “read” the future. But nothing is certain.  What psychics and tarot card readers use to “read” the future is your present energy and your most likely future, if nothing changes.

Your beliefs dictate your choices and your choices direct the future. What we intuitively read as the future is simply the likeliest probability given on current point on the timeline.

There is no limit to the number of what we call future timelines. There are an infinite number of timelines. At any given time we can choose to tune-in to our most desirable future. That is what an intuitive reading is. 

The psychic or intuitive sees your energetic field and what blockages you have that stop you from going towards your most desirable future while tarot card readers use the tarot cards or oracle cards to help them see the energetic field you project.

Bringing in Your Highest Future Timeline

For Aurora and Marcella, we use healing techniques to align to your highest and best outcome. Once we have your agreement, we heal or change your limiting beliefs with other beliefs that will align you with your most desirable future.

We use different methods to make that happen. Your guides, source or higher self often tell us what you need to hear or heal today. Some also use Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards to see where your energy is directed. It is important to notice that whatever the energy is, once we’re aware of it, we can change it. 

Good News!!! You can change the future for yourself too. Once you learn how to connect to reading the future. When you learn to read with oracle cards or connect through meditation to align with your most desirable timeline, you’ll learn what needs changing.

Not all intuitives are alike. For us, Marcella and Aurora, our purpose is to elevate everyone’s energy and create peace and harmony for all. This Earth will be a better place once we heal our wounds and learn how to align to our best future timeline where our dreams & wishes come true.



Aurora has a fabulous class for beginners on reading Tarot Cards. This is a great first step to connecting with your intuition.

Connect with us! We aspire to help you in every facet. Every 11th & 22nd of every month, Marcella & Aurora channel answers to your questions and offer recordings of our sessions are on YouTube.

On our 11th and 22nd calls, your questions are applied to the energy of the group so there is something for everyone. Healing and downloads offered to the listeners even though you might not have asked a question. Ask your questions via Instagram or in the High Vibe Tribe.

High Vibe Tribe – Soul Family High Vibe Tribe is an awesome place to connect to your soul family. Founding members only pay $8 per month through 2022. We always prioritize your questions above all.

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