Past Life Regression Tales

Past Life Regression Tales

A Past Life Regression Fable Based in Truth

Past Life Regression tales from Marcella McMahon. Marcella was sitting on her reclining chair looking out the window. Her 2 o’clock client had just called to reschedule her meeting as something had come up unexpectedly.

A golden light was coming out of the window illuminating half of her room. As she was watching the flickering lights dancing all around her she started remembering the one of her first past life regression on this client.

“Take a deep breath,” She was using her most hypnotic voice, putting emphasis and deepening every single word. “On the count of 3 you will be in another time and space where something very important is happening to you. 1. 2. 3. You are there now. Tell me what you see.”

Mrs. P., her client, had first knocked on her door 5 years ago, sad and a little desperate. Her 5th IVF had failed miserably, making her disappointed and losing hope more and more each time. The doctors kept telling her that there was nothing wrong with her. Her hormones, her physical health were good and everything was within parameters. “It happens,” they said. “Next time will be the good one. We’ll do our best.”

But it wasn’t. Next time was exactly as bad as the previous time and the one before that. “It must be psychological,” she said to herself. “There must be something wrong with me.” She remembered during brunch with a couple of friends that Peggy, one of the girls, had recently had a hypnosis session with a great hypnotherapist named Marcella. Her problem had been eczema acne, a really bad case of it. Nothing was helping except for hypnosis that helped her cure it completely. “It’s a miracle,” Peggy said enthusiastically. “The hypnotherapist guided me to a past life regression. I was this priestess in a small village in America. After something went wrong with an influential person in the village, they grabbed me and burned me in a pile of wood. “Don’t worry,” she said laughing at the horrified faces of her friends. “I didn’t feel a thing. What’s interesting though is that after seeing that, my acne was gone. I had developed acne in the same place where I had been burnt in that lifetime. It had nothing to do with today, that’s why normal medications didn’t work!” That gave Mrs. P the idea to try hypnotherapy out. Maybe the hypnotherapist could dig inside her brain and figure out what was wrong with her.

The first time she met Marcella she didn’t really have any expectations. She just wanted to try it out. Even just talk to someone. Get the frustration out. She didn’t even think that she could be hypnotized. She thought of hypnosis as this mystical thing that happened to others but not herself. She was very surprised to emerge 2 hours later and feel like only 12 minutes had passed. She was also very surprised to see that her cheeks were wet and that she’d been crying. Her session was very emotional. She regressed in the past where she was just a little girl playing with dolls. She had 2 dolls and was their mommy. She grew up wanting 2 children and was looking forward to that moment. One time during her IVFs, she actually got pregnant with twins but lost them both at 15 weeks. She had already given them names. She was already their mother. In another session she regressed to a future life where she already had her kids playing with each other. She felt whole and complete. A third session uncovered the reason she had lost her babies. Her mother had a miscarriage many years ago while she was still a baby. She never really got over it. She was sad all the time and not really there for her, little Paula. She always wondered what that felt like, wondered if losing children would make her feel closer to her mother and in a way it did. The latest session uncovered the reason why she’d lost her twins. “My husband is paralyzed from the waist down. It was a work accident,” she said in a sad tone. “I always wondered what that kind of loss felt like. To lose 2 legs. So I lost 2 kids. Now we’re even. I don’t have to feel guilty every time I look at him anymore. I am ready for my babies now.”

And sure enough, next time Paula called Marcella on the phone was to give her the good news. She was pregnant – A boy.

Marcella ruminated on the subject of consciousness and the subconscious mind. Even though Paula wanted children more than anything else in the world, her subconscious mind had other plans for her. She wanted to relate to her mother and husband more and once she did that, she could have her children.

Many of her clients had come to see her for problems that didn’t make sense to them or their doctors: unexplained chest pains, feelings of deep loneliness, inability to be in a relationship, to stop smoking and losing weight and also to discover their mission in this life, what are they here to do, meeting their angels or guides or simply treat phobias and discover past lives out of curiosity and uncover their hidden talents. The uses are many and Marcella loves hearing every single story and most importantly the happiness in her clients voices when a fear was conquered or when their deepest wishes manifested into reality.

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