Ask Marcella – Karma and Intention

Ask Marcella – Karma and Intention

Ask Marcella


Hi M, I have a question/thought to pass by you on Karma and Intention.

Could the Lords of Karma be intertwined with the random thoughts that float into our subconscious and if tapped create (karmic) experiences?

Maybe this is why Intention becomes so important?

Thanks, J

Marcella’s Answer

Hi J,

Intention and Karma: There may be a misunderstanding in the question.

Some use the term Lords of Karma, but I don’t. After more than a decade of helping clients go into the spirit realm and plan their current lives via Hypnosis Regression like Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives, I have not experienced a God or team of Gods that oversee Karma. Karma is a non-judgmental law of the universe. It is not good or bad. It is just like the law of gravity where if you throw a ball in the air this law insures that the ball comes back down. Karma balances life’s actions and inactions. Unfortunately, the balance doesn’t happen right away so it is hard to realize why bad things happen to good people. You know past life experiences also play into karma. But sometimes bad things don’t happen because of karma, but rather because our higher self planned it.

Another issue with the question for me is that random thoughts don’t float into our subconscious. Nothing is random. Our highest self is always choosing what comes in…sometimes just for the experience/lesson. Luckily karma is neither good nor bad! :)))) YAY!

So how does intention and karma play into life? We’ve discussed Karma, so let’s talk intention.

Intention is important and it is how you directly create life. The funny thing about life is that whether or not you are being intentional, life is creating by intention. What does that mean? Well, when people talk about intention it isn’t just what we think or feel, intention is created by our vibratory rate.

Intention sets the undercurrent of vibration to which each and every action and thought is sent out to the universe. Intention is always being sent out – even when done unconsciously. We can say “I Love You” with a needy or controlling intention and we can say “Stop That!” with a loving intention. People get the intention above all. Some have spent years ignoring what intentions they are picking up making life confusing. Intention is karmic in a way because each and every intention sent out into the universe is what is boomeranged back to us.

In Joy,

Ask Marcella Karma and Intention


Marcella reserves the right to be wrong or outgrow any of the answers given.  They are relayed to you through this medium to inspire your own thinking.  Your answers and your own truth to the answer is the most important.  Always follow your own beliefs and what resonates as truth for you! 

UPDATE on Karma and Intention

About 2011 or so, spirit shared with me that the Wheel of Karma done. The instructions were to share with everyone that all you need to do to step off the Wheel of Karma is to declare you are no longer on the wheel. You don’t need any special powers. Just say out loud, “I choose to no longer be on the Wheel of Karma.”

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