Ask Marcella – Q: What do you do?

What is an energy healer?


Marcella, Are you an energy healer? Can you explain how your stuff works?

Thanks, C (From a long-time friend)

Ask Marcella McMahon explains energy healing


Hi C,

You asked about how my stuff works…I’m an energy healer and intuitive and hypnotherapist. I help people any way I can.

As an energy healer, I get to watch miracles happen for people every day.

I trust that the people who come to me are sent because in my toolbox I have whatever they need. I’m not religious, but believe in a higher power/collective consciousness/higher-self/universal power (or whatever you want to call it).

My best analogy for energy healing that I do is a garden hose. I’m the hose. Spirit/God/Universe, or whatever you call it, is the water. People are the plants. Plants need water. Some plants, without a hose/sprinklers, don’t get watered and wither. People call on me when they need water that isn’t naturally being offered. Sometimes we hit dry conditions (i.e., hard times). I’m nothing special; there are many hoses.

My job is to keep my hose un-kinked and free of debris. So I have a perpetual job of working on myself to be un-gunked.

Well, that may not really explain what an energy healer does or what I do, but it’s the best I’ve got. Nothing special, but I can bring messages from Angels and deceased loved ones if my hose is clear. And I run energetic repairs for lifelong issues (and even past life issues), and guide people through hypnosis experiences.

In Joy, M

Marcella McMahon

About The Author

Marcella McMahon teaches many metaphysical subjects such as Reiki, Energy Healing, Past Life Regression, as well as self-improvement courses like 21 Days to More Self Love. She has been a clinical hypnotherapist since 1996. Currently, McMahon certifies students to become MNI Life Between Lives hypnotherapy practitioners.

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